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MID May 2020 I have adding a Gel food kit to the online store.  I will start using coupons posted in various venues to see where you all are coming from.  If you see coupons in different places consider using the code that best supports you online venue of choice.

full list of products here

I have also sourced, in bulk, CalciumCarbonate (CaCO3) from limestone flour that is an organic foods safe ingredient. I offer ZooMed’s two “Natural” foods (non GMO) at a price that meets or beats Chewy, Amazon Prime, and other pet web-stores price. I have also included organic Purina Mills Layer Crumbles as a purchase option – if you/your tortoise likes the older style Mazuri tortoise diet, you will find the layer crumbles a better alternative.  It has the same basic primary ingredients and nutritional balance, but significantly higher calcium content, enough to support a chicken to lay an egg everyday.

Buying in bulk with a high turnover is how Kapidolo Farms can pass savings onto you and keep stock fresh, a win-win for our tortoises. 

All of these items are tasty nutritious treats to compliment a wholesome diet of grocery and backyard greens. Use them randomly on different days of the week to keep food variety at a maximum.  All shipped with the USPS. Price includes postage in the US.

Suggested uses for diet items and complete food pellets.

Suggestions for the Gel food kit.

USDA Certified Organic sourced, called “carefully selected” on all items unless otherwise expressed, I repackage all items in a non-certified repackaging facility.  “carefully selected” is displayed on the primary product label, with the ‘back’ label indicating the product came from a certified USDA food supplier.  I am striving to become a certified repackager, at which time I can put the word “ORGANIC” on the front label.

I have included a few non-food items to the list or products.  NO-Tip water trays, artful Batiks that support chelonian conservation in Malaysia, Vivarium Electronics’ Radiant Heat Panels, and some books. 

I ship within 5 days of your purchase, most often the same or next day. If for some reason your order may take longer I’ll send an email letting you know.

How and why I sell diet items.

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