Adult Golden Greek tortoises Testudo graeca terrestris




These are all SOLD.

These have kept by Jill W., a Kapidolo Farms collaborator, for several years.  See the BABIES for sale here too.

The cost is $650 shipped anywhere in the mainland of the United States. All three can be shipped for $1850.  A second adult purchase at one time will be $575 more.

The two smaller individuals have been in Jill’s care since 2003, the larger one since 2014.  All have produced many viable clutches of eggs.  They have been outside 7 to 9 months a year (Clovis CA) and overwintered indoors in a brumation state.  They are very hardy wild caught imported tortoises.

I’m alway open to counter offers offers, pick-up or close delivery is possible too.  Please use the number/name at the bottom of each image to indicate which tortoise you are interested in buying.

Group image, largest one, top right, is 19cm long.
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