I find I don’t like labeling any specific husbandry system/method as “best”, as you may find a sticking point and discount the entirety of the narrative.  I would tend to stick with ‘optimal for me to provide optimal care’ as it may be appropriate, and more in line with my own diligence to complete or continue a routine.

I see on some venues people asking, “what is the best…” and when I decompose that question for the thinking behind it, I am figuring the person will do that “best thing” and not look again at the result they are achieving.  Husbandry is a ‘results’ based practice, and it requires continual reflection.

Fellow cheloniophile “Tom” at http://www.tortoiseforum.org  has written two care sheets that describe how to care for Leos, Sulcata, & Stars and another for European Testudo.  These are what the first time owner ought to read and think about, and a more experienced keeper might use them to better refine their husbandry practice.

It is much to read, more than a cereal box, about the same as an average magazine article, but no pictures.  Considering the money that will be spent along with hours of time over the life of the tortoise, it’s not much time at all to read and then re-read these care guides.

Also is a link to a video on Facebook, that shows an entirely different take on the care of leopards, but also works for many other species.  

The point is, you should sort out what you will actually do, what gets you over your hump, to do the best husbandry you can do.  They seem very different, but in terms of result based on maintaining the animals they end up being near the same.  The basic elements of care are covered.  It may be one ‘speaks’ to you better than the other.  They are all good, maybe even best.