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Layer Crumbles

Buy some Purina Mills organic layer crumbles now. Where did I ever even get the idea to feed chicken food to tortoises? Kay Booth, it was her idea. I saw Kay speak at conferences a few times regarding her long history of successful desert… Continue Reading “Layer Crumbles”

Care sheets and video, this will be on the test.

I find I don’t like labeling any specific husbandry system/method as “best”, as you may find a sticking point and discount the entirety of the narrative.  I would tend to stick with ‘optimal for me to provide optimal care’ as it may be appropriate, and… Continue Reading “Care sheets and video, this will be on the test.”

Gel Kit videos

I ran a promotion of in which volunteers would get the Gel Kit, make it and show a video of the making and feeding of the resulting gel.  The links are from posted videos of those that made the gels.  All gel makers… Continue Reading “Gel Kit videos”

Soakers and Foods

Hi, I use all the products I sell, all of them.  To increase day to day variety I use a few in multiple ways. I moisten all the foods (ZooMed Grassland and Forest Tortoise Foods, and Purina Mills Organic Layer Crumbles) with plain water,… Continue Reading “Soakers and Foods”

Basic nutrients list for diet items sold at Kapidolo Farms

Nutritional chart That PDF is a collection of data on what is in the diet items sold at Kapidolo Farms.  The left side is the item name, the middle array of numbers is the ‘as reported’ values. The right side array of values is… Continue Reading “Basic nutrients list for diet items sold at Kapidolo Farms”

Herpeton 2019 talk, a video

Hey folks, this is well edited version of a talk I gave at Herpeton 2019.  I have to say, I sound like someone I don’t like listening to, my voice is very monotone.  I was a bit nervous/apprehensive at this venue.  My two talks… Continue Reading “Herpeton 2019 talk, a video”

2019 TTPG presentation

2019 TTPG with NOTES I welcome all feedback.  Next blog post will be the result of my seeking documentation of reverse peristalses.

“Grassland” is a habitat description, not a diet definition.

I read this article, cited here, many years ago, and have used it as a resource for what I feed leopard tortoises.  I’ve recently been reading many posts on forums and social media from people lamenting that they can’t get their leopard tortoise, babies… Continue Reading ““Grassland” is a habitat description, not a diet definition.”

Fiber, a neglected diet consideration.

Fiber, what exactly is it?  Fiber consists of pieces of food that will not be digested, but aid in digestion, by providing a sufficiently firm substrate for the intestinal walls to act on – moving a bolus of food along the digestive track. Fiber… Continue Reading “Fiber, a neglected diet consideration.”

Finding a tortoise veterinarian

Choosing a Veterinarian… Like for your own personal health, a medical resource for your tortoise is important.Choosing a vet is first limited by geography, but not as much as would at first seem to be the case.  Most vets, as professionals, can and often… Continue Reading “Finding a tortoise veterinarian”