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New way to buy.

The underlying software got changed. If the item you seek is in the old system and it’s what you want, please use the old system. There is a shopping cart icon, it is useless. If you want anything else, please e-mail me with your… Continue Reading “New way to buy.”

Pumpkins and worms

Somewhere in Facebookdom a fellow cheloniophile posted the virtues of pumpkin as an anti worming method for tortoises.  “I promptly said “no it doesn’t.” ‘ But I looked more and there is some wiggle room to suggest it might be somewhat ‘helpful’. The following… Continue Reading “Pumpkins and worms”

Easy calcium carbonate supplementation

In a quest to better understand calcium supplementation I found and read this article Influence of the calcium content of the diet offered to leopard tortoises (Geochelone pardalis) where the tortoises were fed a calcium poor diet.  Unfortunately, the authors did not actually test… Continue Reading “Easy calcium carbonate supplementation”

Live plants for the enclosure or outside

How long should you wait to offer live growing plants to your pet tortoise, or place them into their enclosure, inside or outside. A good rule of thumb is to buy and hold for six months to one year. Many plants are treated with… Continue Reading “Live plants for the enclosure or outside”

“true” south African Leopards

When all is said and done, buy the tortoise you like, that appeals to you, maybe based on the breeding adults that produced it. From at question “Is there any pure pardalis pardalis leopard tortoise still exist in US!?” seen on-line. I responded at… Continue Reading ““true” south African Leopards”

2018 Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group presentation.

This is the slide set used for the presentation given at the 2018 TTPG conference held November  15 & 16, 2018. KapidoloFarmsTTPG This following version is with the actual talking notes.  Much thanks to Dave Drajeske for offering to correct my miss-interpretation of the… Continue Reading “2018 Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group presentation.”

Plant based source of Vitamin D3

This is not enough to disregard other sources of D3, but it is an interesting anecdote regarding this all so important vitamin. Arch Biochem Biophys. 1984 May 15;231(1):67-71. The isolation and identification of vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 from Medicago sativa (alfalfa plant). Horst… Continue Reading “Plant based source of Vitamin D3”

Secondary compounds in plants

All plants produce some kind ‘secondary’ compound(s). These are chemicals that are always present as well as the same or others that are seasonally present. The purpose is to dissuade consumption by herbivores. It is an evolutionary response, the plant may get stuck in… Continue Reading “Secondary compounds in plants”

Protein, protein, protein, It’s BAD for tortoises, right?

Protein, protein, protein, It’s BAD for tortoises, right? That is so wrong I will not make any further mention of good or bad. All living things need protein to live and grow. Babies (neonate tortoises or the seeds of plants for your young tortoise)… Continue Reading “Protein, protein, protein, It’s BAD for tortoises, right?”

PIT tags, what value do they really represent?

I was talking with several people recently, infusing the conversation with my own opinion, perhaps too much so. Here I can’t interrupt, or be interrupted. A few years ago  I sold some inter-grade Manouria emys emys with M.e.p. tortoises to a person who ultimately… Continue Reading “PIT tags, what value do they really represent?”