Disclaimers, Guarantees, & Disclosures

Customer Care

Husbandry First: If I am slow to respond it is because husbandry comes first.  When all the animals are fed, watered, and enclosures are doing what they are designed to do, I then consider customers needs, so yeah, you are the second priority on the daily basis of getting things done as it regards Kapidolo Farms.  Privacy Policy.

Animal Care

I think it is reasonable that you sort out housing, diet and climate control for your tortoise before you buy it.  Know what you are getting yourself involved with when you plan to have a pet tortoise.  I expect that you will have done ‘your research’ before buying the tortoise.  I can assist.

Animals Shipped

Live animal arrival is guaranteed when you retrieve the animal within one hour of availability at the FedEx shipping center or airport freight hub.  I put a vibrant, alert, well doing tortoise in the shipping container and expect that is what you should find when you open the box.  This live arrival guarantee is limited to tortoises I ship via an overnight or same day carrier that will knowingly transport live animals. They will be shipped in accordance to all regulations as far as I am aware of them.

I grow neonates to no less than 8 weeks of age before I will sell them no matter if it is a in-person pick-up, or shipped. On the occasions where I am selling tortoises bred by a collaborator they too will be held and maintained by me for at least 8 weeks before being sold.

Any aberrant physical appearance will be disclosed in a posted image or noted directly to you.  This includes scute count and shape, toes or tail tips that are damaged, etc.   All tortoises for sale will have been eating, defecating  and showing active growth before being shipped.

Food Items Quality

I buy in bulk to get low prices and re-sell for a lower price than is often found for small quantities offered by other vendors.  I use all the food items that I sell, so turnover is high, nothing is sitting around for very long before it ends up with you. I keep small quantities of every purchase stored as I would expect most buyers would store them (as directed on the package) so I can see their ‘shelf life’.

I am NOT a USDA certified provider or processor of organic pet foods.

I buy what is packaged as USDA certified organic diet items for human consumption and resell them for animal consumption.  Specifically, I am NOT a USDA certified re-packaging facility so I can not claim the items are USDA certified in the package that you have purchased. However I do not alter the items in any way, shape, or form, that would cause the integrity of the food item to not carry the quality of the original supplier.

Some items are acquired while the producer is transitioning from a non-organic growing system to an approved organic system.  This will be mentioned in the description here on this web page, and on the packaging that holds the diet item.

Some items I produce myself and I do so adhering to the principles and rules that govern organic farming systems.  This will be in the description here on this web page, and on the packaging that holds the diet item. These are called “Backyard Harvest”.

Buying Tortoises from You

If you breed a species and would like assistance from Kapidolo Farms we might be able set up an agreement to do that.  I will always disclose that you are the source and list you by first name and first initial of your last name.  I would want to know about and see your husbandry.  Most animals will be held for no less than 8 weeks before I will list them for sale.  I will never mix them with others’ tortoises including my own.  In some circumstances I may consider helping you sell tortoises that you did not breed yourself, and that too will be disclosed.  Price, changing your mind, or any other consideration will be determined and written out before any animal is moved.

Will, Biologist

Kapidolo Farms

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