Dry Goods Shipping

I use the USPS labeled Priority boxes and envelopes for most delivery to your door of dry goods, foods, diets, etc.  Most often it is more expedient and costs less than other carriers.  The size range for the Priority mail boxes covers most items and I do my best to maximize the volume.  Some larger shapes and amounts will be shipped via UPS or FedEx, for these shipments I will use ‘ground’ shipping which delivers to most places in the continental United States for less than USPS pre-printed Priority mail packaging.

I endeavorer to ship same or next day from when you place your order.  Some order may take longer.  If order preparation time will be longer than 5 days, I will let you know before five days have passed, and consult with you regarding how you would like to proceed based on my best estimate for when your order will ship.

I    US within five ‘working’ days.  I will send the tracking number to you, or it will be part of the shipping order that I use, and that provider will send you the shipping tracking information.

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