Food and Feeding

I feed a mix, for me the volumes are large.  This is the base diet for Pancake tortoises, Indian & Burmese Star tortoises, all Testudo species, Redfoots, Forsten’s, Radiated, Leopard, Pyxis species, and savannah type Kinixys.   
4 to 6 heads of romaine
4 to 6 heads of escarole
1 or 2 heads of radicchio
1.5 pounds of spring mix (I leave the spinach in)
1 pound of arugula
About once a month, I don’t use the arugula and spring mix, but chop in Kale (a few different kinds), dandelion greens, collards, or ‘red’ romaine, butter lettuce, red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, or something else that is weird relative to “American” palates but found in Asian grocery stores.
I add about a cup each of two kinds of shredded squash, one winter, one summer.
I add 1/2 cup to one cup of shredded sweet potato, orange or purple.
I will also get Okra when it is not crazy expensive, but that is rarely the case. I also use greens beans, a five pound bag of frozen organic will last several months, I just add a few dozen once in awhile finely chopped so they can’t pick it out but get the taste.
I alternate and sometimes add both chopped/shredded re-hydrated hibiscus blossoms and or cactus – about 1/4 to 1/2 cup per item.
I will rehydrate to about one cup volume of either/or both Alfalfa pellets and some kind of grass pellets.  Alternatively I will use about one cup of the Moringa, Mulberry, or Plantain, all items available in the Tortoise Food for Sale .
One day a week I add no supplement
2-3 times a week I add about 1/4 cup Vionate (has D3)
2-3 times a week I add about 1/2 cup of moistened crumbles (has D3)
1 time a week I add plain calcium carbonate (no D3)
Once a month I will microwave cook two eggs out of the shell, and mince it fine and mix that in.
On no particular schedule I add fresh blossoms of many many kinds of flowers, rose, hibiscus, nasturtium, pansy, dandelions, or cape honeysuckle.
I set to the side in the enclosure whole small branches of hibiscus, or mulberry when the garden is producing enough, so some everyday, but which enclosure get it alternates.
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