I ran a promotion of http://www.tortoiseforum.com in which volunteers would get the Gel Kit, make it and show a video of the making and feeding of the resulting gel.  The links are from posted videos of those that made the gels.  All gel makers had great merits to the effort and I learned much.  That promotion, now over, is HERE.The recipe includes both stove top and microwave instructions.  The gel stores for no less than two weeks in the frig and so far at least a month in the freezer.  Making the gel does not lead you having to using it all right away.  Some considerations beyond the recipe are helpful too.I found the best application for me is to make pieces about the size of a stick of butter and feeding it to the adult Manouria emys phayrei (about 70 pounds each).  I like to use the Purina Mills chicken layer crumbles for them before and after egg laying time. To get the layer crumbles to stick to greens I would used mashed up banana or prickly pear cactus as they both help stick things to greens.  With the gel for them, I use alot of the chicken layer crumbles soaked with the hibiscus tea.  They will readily eat it, and there is no waste of layer crumbles falling off the greens or having to use banana or cactus.The drivers behind making a gel are many.  I wanted something I could use in the event that greens became more scarce or unavailable.  I wanted to have a diet item that could be readily fed (after preparation) with little effort so on days where there was less time to make an elaborate salad I could still offer something wholesome.  It also turns out to be a way to introduce new diet items like the pelleted foods or chicken layer crumbles.  The red of the hibiscus tea mixed into the gel seem compelling for the most stubborn “Will only eat…” tortoises.  It also works for iguanas and other herbivorous lizards that might not take to pellets or dried leaf items.The videos are fun and on YouTube and Facebook, so the links are subject to those venues and the people who made them.  I’ll follow-up sometimes to keep them limited to those that are functional.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9B046y-vJA&t=4s.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLvcbb_GEcg&feature=emb_titlehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiBwV2rHvdQMy own attempt https://www.facebook.com/KapidoloFarms/videos/507376773477117/There are a few others on Facebook pages that are not public, so those links will not work unless you have a friend status with the person.  There are other on Instagram as well.