How to buy a TORTOISE from Kapidolo Farms

I decided that being able to turn over images of tortoises for sale so people could pick the one they want was a little more important than having a “buy” button.  I’m a husbandry person, not an IT person, so this blog style web page met the need to show the animals and post care advice better than another type of web page where an easy “BUY” button was functional. So yeah, very much a “Mom and Pop” store way of doing it, this is not  Amazon.  Disclaimers, Guarantees, & Disclosures


Use the contact form at the bottom of this page OR Send an email to with the subject header  ‘buying leopard tortoise’ or ‘buying Indian star tortoise’ etc.  In the body of the email tell me which one you want to buy.  They will always be a way to indicate which one. I’ll confirm the tortoise you want is still available, and mark it ‘held’. Once money lands in my PayPal account I will mark it ‘sold’.

You inquiry email should include:

1)Your name as delivery service people (FedEx) will see it.

2)A street address where the tortoise will ship to, or the address of the local FedEx shipping center where you can pick the tortoise up (I can help you sort that out).

3)A ‘best’ phone number where the delivery service and I can call.

Without these three bits of information there is no sale.

PayPal is to  you don’t need a PayPal account to use a credit card or PayPal.  I can send an invoice through the PayPal system to you if you ask.

The ‘held’ status lasts for three days.

The price includes the cost of shipping, unless otherwise stated in the post.

I use FedEx Priority overnight service.  I can help you find a local FedEx shipping center if you would be willing to pick the tortoise up there instead of overnight delivery to your address.

Why consider a local pick-up over delivery?  The tortoise will be in the box fewer hours, the box with be handled less, and there will be one FedEx truck ride less.

If you are local and want to come see and choose and pay, I’ll hold for three days from your stated interest to buy.  I’ll hold longer with a refundable deposit.  I’ll not refund PayPal fees, that is money they collect for their service.

I will always ship as soon as climate permits.  I ship on Mondays and Tuesdays so there are more weekdays for follow-up in the rare occasion that delivery is delayed.

Long term ‘holds’ may incur further charges, we’ll work that out.

LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE.  I guarantee that I am putting a healthy vibrant tortoise in the box to be shipped to you.  You must express any concern within a hour of FedEx’s declared delivery time.  ANY concern should be expressed right away, or no later than one hour after FedEx’s declared delivery time.  Be prepared to backup concerns with clear, in focus well lighted images.

If you do a pick up at the local FedEx ship center you must pick-up within the first hour that location is open.

All remediation (righting a wrong or correcting a fault) will be negotiated.  If I did not do anything wrong or the problem is not my fault my solution may NOT include a refund or replacement animal(s).  Shipping is carried by the sender.  I offer lifetime support for husbandry and care.

I do not knowingly sell to minors, people under 18 years of age. I do not sell into areas where the species that you want to purchase is by permit only, or fully restricted.  Know your local laws.  If you are a minor and buy from me, there is no guarantee in any way, shape, or form.

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