Leopard tortoises Stigmochelys pardalis

I often suggest to people if you want some idea of what the neonate will look like ask for images of the adults.  When I offer babies you will find images of the adult breeders here too.  The adults are NOT FOR SALE.

LEOPARD TORTOISES, Stigmochelys pardalis  Group one

These are the Male (on the left) and female leopard tortoise adults that have generated the babies in the following images. The male is 14 pounds the female is 28 pounds.  They are of indeterminate origin.


Please refer to the tortoises’ number when you send an email of interest.  Please understand these animals are for sale under terms and conditions outlined here How to buy a TORTOISE from Kapidolo Farms  and here Disclaimers, Guarantees, & Disclosures.


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