How long should you wait to offer live growing plants to your pet tortoise, or place them into their enclosure, inside or outside.

A good rule of thumb is to buy and hold for six months to one year.

Many plants are treated with systemic chemicals that persist in the plant tissue, some  are applied to the soil for root uptake. They may also be applied as a foliar, that drips into the soil for further uptake or as a residue.

Re-potting essentially turns off the root uptake of those chemicals that may be in the soil, while the six month to a year is a rough gauge to offer time for the chemicals in the plant tissue to break down. Plants don’t defecate (no kidding right?), but the chemicals that are used do breakdown and loose potency over time.

There are indeed nursery stores that sell organic cat grass, and other edible plants like squash seedlings, etc. I’ve used them often when I am impatient for the waiting period.