Privacy Policy

When the term personal information is used it is are referring to a number of different things. Specifically…

  • First and last names
  • Billing/shipping addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Social Security information
  • Credit card or other payment details
  • IP addresses

I will not share any of these kinds of information with anyone, ever. But keep in mind, when you use the PayPal feature to buy something, it then becomes PayPal’s privacy policy that you are subject to.

If you submit your name/email to receive the blog, it is your responsibility to remove, if/when you want that to happen.

I do not actively collect any information, the computer/software collects it as we exchange words, you make payments for goods, or you sign up for the blog. If any aspect of these provisions change I will note it here on this page.

Don’t buy from, sign-up for, or engage with Kapidolo Farms if you do not want to have any electronic ‘fingerprints’ here.

This site is managed through I became aware of website privacy policy requirements through another internet web provider and have thus implemented this website’s privacy policy later than the initial launch. This privacy policy is in place 24 March 2019, and is effectively retroactive to when this web page was first launched.

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