PM ORGANIC layer crumbles

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PM ORGANIC layer crumbles, 32 oz (2 lbs) or 64 oz (4 lbs). Price includes shipping and taxes.


2 reviews for PM ORGANIC layer crumbles

  1. Martha Garcia

    Tortoises love this!

  2. Ares

    Do you have an ingredients analysis for this food like the ones on the official Mazuri and Zoo Med tortoise food bottle?

    • Will Espenshade

      Yes, as a matter of fact I published in a blog end to end the ingredients of, and guaranteed analysis of the chicken layer crumbles compared to the ‘old’ Mazuri, and have posted in the 2019 TTPG blog (a power point presentation) Dr. Thomas Boyers side by side analysis of the ZooMed Diet with the Mazuri diets as well as several other commercial pellet/food manucaturers.

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