Variety pre-pack: Soakers (three items 4 oz each)


Variety pre-pack: Soakers. Includes 4 oz each of Cactus Chips, Rose Hips, and Hibiscus, 12 ounces total. Each item can be used twice – water from soaking and the item itself. Price includes shipping and taxes.



“Soakers” are all double duty.  The suggested use indicates an overnight soak in water.  That water is now colored and flavored and best used to moisten any prepared diet items (ZooMed pellets for example) you use.  You don’t loose any water soluble vitamins, and create more day to day variety.  Hibiscus is the most dramatic giving a deep red, while Rose Hips give a lighter shade.  The Cactus Chips do not impart much color, but the smell is readily detected by the tortoises.


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