Tortoise conservation projects supported by Kapidolo Farms

2020 – The idea of helping those who help themselves has brought us to currently only supporting The Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia with the purchase of Batiks.  Each batik includes information about the TCSM with the message that you can contribute directly.

If you know of are part of another group or organization that produces a product or item, that I can buy and resell here in the US, then please let us know.  Helping those that help themself seems to be a better win-win stratedgy.

2019 Kapidolo Farms continued both efforts as in 2018.  A direct and a matched contribution from TTPG conference attendees during the November conference.  We also bought many Batiks to support The Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia.

2018 Kapidolo Farms contributed to Christina Lights ongoing Forsten’s Tortoise project on Sulawesi.  We bought several Batiks from The Turtle Conservations Society of Malaysia and resold them via the Tortoise Forum.

2017 Kapidolo Farms contributions to conservation efforts.


$79.80     Direct purchase of 100 nano chips for implanting wild Indotestudo forsteni
$900        TTPG life memberships paid directly to TTPG in consideration of lower price on captive bred Manouria emys phayrei.
Total: $1179.80
In one way or another I have burned my own calories or donated $$ to chelonian conservation efforts since I was a young teen.  Only since 2015 have I done these kinds of activities in the name of Kapidolo Farms.
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